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Professional Service for Equipment / Product Manufacturers:
Existing Product TroubleshootingExisting Product Troubleshooting
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Ben Duncan Research UK
BDR can identify & solve (or pre-empt) problems with diverse manufactured products that employ analogue or mixed electronics. Examples include:
Amplifiers - all types: PA, domestic, guitar, industrial
Audio electronics - all analogue, also DACs & ADCs
Active loudspeakers & systems
Components & modules - diverse types
Eco-energy equipment - wind gen & solar regulators
Hi-Fi, high-end domestic and car/auto
Industrial electrical, high power, controls, process
MI/Musical equipment - amps, heads, FX, accessories
Motor controllers & cards
PA gear - all types, & including active speakers
Power Amplifiers - all types
Power Supplies - linear & switching
Power electronics
RF Transmitters and analogue sections up to VHF
Test gear - analogue, DC to RF, nV to 60kV, pA to 20kA
Transformers - mains (up to 20kVA) and audio (all types)
Vintage equipment restoration
Welding power supplies (arc, MIG, TIG)
Problems solved include:
poor reliability or robustness - product failures.
failure to meet specs, standards or regulations.
key IC or part obsolescence, or sourcing impasse.
excessive manufacturing or test costs.
Message to manufacturers
30 years experience shows that however good your own design team is, having new audio equipment or fresh product designs checked thoroughly by us (or other independent, expert eyes) BEFORE you put them into production, can lead you to arresting potential problems and losses before they affect your customers or even your organisation's reputation.
The tools we use include equipment by Adcola, Advance, Airmec, Audio Precision, Audio Synthesis, AVO, B&J Sound, Beckman, Bradley, BSS Audio, C-Audio, California Instruments, CAM, Cambridge Instruments, Claude-Lyons, Comark, Coutant, Crompton Parkinson, Datron, Datron Wavetek/Fluke, Dawe, Derritron, Dranetz, Elgar, Elliott, EM-CO, EMO, Everett-Edgcumbe, Farnell, Fluke, Gen Rad, Gertsch, Greystone, Hatfield Instruments, HP (Agilent), Hunting-Hivolt, Keithley, Kepco, Krohn-Hite, Kingshill, Marconi, Milli-VAC Instruments, Otis Communications, Peak, Philips, Power Designs, Racal, Racal Dana, Radford, Sangamo Weston, Schlumberger, Scopex, Smith Hobson, Solartron, Spectral Dynamics, Systron-Doner, Tannoy, Tek, Thandar, Thurlby, Time, Tinsley, TTI, Turbosound, Weller, Westwick, White Instruments, Xerox, XTA, and Zenith.
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We can offer world class references when specifically requested.
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