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Ben Duncan Research UK tests & reviews audio and electronic products & equipment...
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- monthly and scheduled technical reviews undertaken. - independent review and suitability studies for various markets.
Over 20 years of experience. We give an astute assessment, before the maker submits equipment either to the UK (British) market, or for magazine review, or a public demonstration, as at a trade show. This provides a valuable opportunity to uncover hidden problems and weaknesses before it becomes 'too late'.
Over 20 years experience and published examples. We can manage most aspects of technical review generation, from test, and writing readable texts suitable for public readers to meet variable deadlines, through to generating illustrations and checking pre-publication copy.

Just some of the things we can evaluate...
Electronic Performance : Wide spectrum of performance tests available - employing one or more of over 200 lab test instruments and jigs. Extending to high RF, electrical and specialist electro-acoustics. For example, we can display the temperature of loudspeaker voice coils with different signals.
Audio Performance : Our performance tests - ie. measurement and listen test methods - are amongst the world's most sophisticated available, for power amplifiers and analog(ue) electronics. We can verify a maker's published claims or check their own testing is correct, by test result comparisons. Uniquely equipped listening test rooms.
International Mains Simulation & Testing : We are one of the few labs that are equipped and knowledgeable enough (with contacts in over 40 countries) to check equipment operation on most worldwide mains voltages and frequencies (50, 60, 400Hz x 90v-105-115-127-220-240-250v) - with realistic brownout simulation, if required.
Electrical and general Safety : We provide assessments of real-world hazards that are practical and independent. Valuable before and after official tests. Motto: "We find what others miss." Vital for new products on the market, particularly products being imported. In all instances we still strongly recommend that a certified test house is also employed.
Independence : BDR will not accept products for review testing where conflicts of interest exist. We purposefully belong to no associations or bodies that might influence the true and verifiable independence of our work. Work carried out by BDR over the years is highly regarded by senior members of the professional, musical and domestic audio industries, and can be shown to meet best practice.
Example of Laboratory Test Report on a Product & a Technical Magazine Review

   Terms & Conditions for Lab Test Services

These are in addition to terms cited in proposal documents
1. Quotations & proposals are provided in confidence. They must not be communicated to third parties (excepting to the customer's immediate advisors on a non-disclosure basis) without BDR's written consent.
2. Changes to the work program at the customer's request may incur extra cost.
3. Equipment submitted to BDR for test will be kept in a secure condition. First line insurance is however the responsibility of the owner. Delivery and also collection within nominal 90 days (3 months) of the test conclusion are wholly the owner's responsibility. A charge may be made for handling, packing, administration and security.
4. The customer must notify us of any hazards reasonably foreseeable at the time of submitting the equipment. Otherwise the customer accepts liability for any accident or damage to people or property, arising at BDR's premises due to any foreseeable hazardous condition or feature of the submitted equipment not being disclosed beforehand in writing to BDR.
5. Where submitted equipment resides with BDR for a period in excess of 3 months after test completion (or delivery if no test instruction or work order has been received), a charge may be made for storage, heating, administration and security.
6. BDR shall not be liable for and reserves the right to dispose of, equipment submitted for test or evaluation after a period of 6 months from date of receipt.
7. While appropriate care will be taken, BDR will not be liable for minor cosmetic adjustments, or any other damage or changes that occur during or as a result of testing or being in a condition for test. The customer agrees to take steps to ensure that tested equipment shall not re-enter the 'new goods' supply chain.
8. Information supplied by the customer is treated by default as confidential and non-disclosable to 3rd parties unless otherwise agreed. Where appropriate, customers' equipment will be screened from sight during those periods when 3rd parties must visit the laboratories.
The tools we use include equipment by Adcola, Advance, Airmec, Audio Precision, Audio Synthesis, AVO, B&J Sound, Beckman, Bradley, BSS Audio, C-Audio, California Instruments, CAM, Cambridge Instruments, Claude-Lyons, Comark, Coutant, Crompton Parkinson, Datron, Datron Wavetek/Fluke, Dawe, Derritron, Dranetz, Elgar, Elliott, EM-CO, EMO, Everett-Edgcumbe, Farnell, Fluke, Gen Rad, Gertsch, Greystone, Hatfield Instruments, HP (Agilent), Hunting-Hivolt, Keithley, Kepco, Krohn-Hite, Kingshill, Marconi, Milli-VAC Instruments, Otis Communications, Peak, Philips, Power Designs, Racal, Racal Dana, Radford, Sangamo Weston, Schlumberger, Scopex, Smith Hobson, Solartron, Spectral Dynamics, Systron-Doner, Tannoy, Tek, Thandar, Thurlby, Time, Tinsley, TTI, Turbosound, Weller, Westwick, White Instruments, Xerox, XTA, and Zenith.
Our clients' names - including celebrities - are protected by our '50 year rule'.
We can offer world class references when specifically requested.
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