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Professional Service for Manufacturers:
New Product DesignNew Product Design
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Ben Duncan Research UK
BDR can offer complete (or part) design and product-creation services, for the following and related technologies:
Amplifiers - all types: PA, domestic, guitar, industrial
Audio electronics - all analogue, incl. DACs & ADCs
Analogue audio: crossovers, EQ, mic amps, mixers, splitters
Accessories - niche products for audio, pro & domestic
Active loudspeakers & systems
Components & modules - diverse types
Eco-energy equipment - wind gen & solar regulators
Hi-Fi, high-end domestic & car/auto
Industrial electrical - controls
MI, Musical equipment - amps, heads, FX, accessories
Mains monitoring, conditioning & purifying equipment
Manufacturing test gear - component & PCB test
Power Supplies - linear & switching
Power Amplifiers - diverse types, to 10kW+
PA gear - all types, including active speakers
Power electronics - diverse
Test gear - analogue, bespoke
Project Stages we can undertake include:
*conception - features, functions, electronics, package.
*competing products: analysis & investigation.
*project proposal & Critical Path Analysis.
*circuit design & forming-up the specification.
*simulation - info & analysis - using Micro-CAP 8.
*PCB design - including expert hand-layout for audio.
*component sourcing and conformity analysis.
*pre-production prototype assembly, & test.
*documentation - colour schematics & test charts.
Message to manufacturers
30 years experience shows that getting us involved at an early stage, will help us to best help you & your organisation.
The tools we use include equipment by Adcola, Advance, Airmec, Audio Precision, Audio Synthesis, AVO, B&J Sound, Beckman, Bradley, BSS Audio, C-Audio, California Instruments, CAM, Cambridge Instruments, Claude-Lyons, Comark, Coutant, Crompton Parkinson, Datron, Datron Wavetek/Fluke, Dawe, Derritron, Dranetz, Elgar, Elliott, EM-CO, EMO, Everett-Edgcumbe, Farnell, Fluke, Gen Rad, Gertsch, Greystone, Hatfield Instruments, HP (Agilent), Hunting-Hivolt, Keithley, Kepco, Krohn-Hite, Kingshill, Marconi, Milli-VAC Instruments, Otis Communications, Peak, Philips, Power Designs, Racal, Racal Dana, Radford, Sangamo Weston, Schlumberger, Scopex, Smith Hobson, Solartron, Spectral Dynamics, Systron-Doner, Tannoy, Tek, Thandar, Thurlby, Time, Tinsley, TTI, Turbosound, Weller, Westwick, White Instruments, Xerox, XTA, and Zenith.
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